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Thursday, March 31, 2011

..::SyAriAh aNd TaSAwwUf::..

Dengan nama Allah yang maha pemurah lagi maha pengasihani..
hari nie hr yang penuh dgan urusan,tapi alhamdulillah,Allah masih memberi kesempatan untuk  sy mencoret sdkit ilmu yang sy dapat hari nie dalam syarahan akademik di bwh Jabatan Syariah...insyallah

 Rasulullah saw said in a hadith,"If Allah wants goodness for someone, Allah will give understanding about deen to him"

k what i undersand,,tasawwuf is a practice about fiqh. If this great religion is based on theory and general culture without practical and system that apply in life. Rasulullah explained this deen through hadith jibril about the islam, iman and ihsan.this  shows that islam ,iman and ihsan is inter-dependent and if not it is not a deen.

The relation the practise of fiqh and tasawwuf, fiqh is the rule and tasawwuf is the practise, without practise is not fulfilling the islam.

People of fiqh who understand the rules of syariah ,throug their praying, they declare to us what is the meaning of halal and  haram,syubhah and makruh but they do not know the reasons of it.

But people of tasawwuf put rules in the practical in life,without looking the rule .they do not care if y says its halal or haram, they look to this rule as command from Allah,to show and prove that he is servant, this servant follow what Allah wants,with loving and respectable.

some people confuse what some tasawwuf people says,but the people of tarbiyah,they feel that this is not hard,because they have crossed of mujahadah,and the bridge of desire and therefore it is easier for their ibadat. 

  3 characteristetic of people arrive 2 Allah:
          1)to meet Allah on the day of judgement.
            2)remember Allah.
             3)filled your heart with Allah.

.~best sgat syeikh youssef Rek El-Bakhour Al-Hasani. bagi ceramah walaupon xberapa paham,al maklumlah kureng paham arabic  language...tapi wat2 paham jew la hehhe...

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  1. Syeikh Yusuf Al-Bakhour Al-Hasani, Ahlul Bayt (keturunan Rasulullah) bersambungan dengan Saidina Hassan.. Allahu Akbar..